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Good customer support is important for a business’ reputation and growth. It requires good communication, problem-solving, and empathy.

Let us help you to gain insight into consumer thoughts.

  • The most cost-effective solution for conducting online surveys is to outsource

  • The target audience is limited to the company’s own service and/or product line, so the company cannot collect a larger number of responses if they do it In house

  • Recruiting people for a survey is a time-consuming and costly process.

  • Localising questionnaires, ensuring they align with local laws, and checking that the contents address the cultural and linguistic background correctly takes a great deal of effort


Case Study 1

A Retail Business

Boots storefront

Walgreens Boots Alliance, a USA based retail company wanted to know if their customers would be interested in buying their products online and they wanted to do this using an online survey. Moving the business towards e-commerce was going to be a significant investment and they wanted to know whether the investment would be worth it.  The client figured that if they did not receive a favourable response from their customers to do an online survey then there was a good chance that they wouldn’t feel comfortable with online shopping. 

Kexxel group  put together a list of contacts , deduped the database so as not to call the customer twice and proceeded with data cleansing to ensure that customers would not receive repeated calls.

We then incorporated a step-by-step survey and therein offers to win a small token of appreciation.

A tailormade script was prepared by the process-head with a friendly and fun approach to win the customers participation.

Within one day we had over two hundred survey results.

At the end of the 3-month project we ended up with more than 90% of the customers participating 

The information provided the client with much better data from which they could make a more informed decision about selling their product online.

The client, happy with Kexxel’s results then proceeded to enlist the Kexxel team to run their online selling business.

Case Study 2

Government body

Futuristic architecture

The Royal Dutch Mint based in Houten, the Netherlands, is a company owned by Heylen Group. It was established and previously owned by the Dutch State. They hired Kexxel BPO to conduct a case study & review of employees to help improve staff performances

As business owners, you would understand the importance of giving your staff feedback about their performances.

This particular business placed a lot of weight on its teamwork and values, and wanted to ensure their staff gained some valuable insight into their position within the company and what they could do to improve themselves. The company introduced a 360 degrees survey, which is a survey where feedback is given to the employee from their fellow team mates in a top-down, bottom-up and peer-to-peer fashion. It also includes a self-assessment.

Every year, our client produces an online survey asking for feedback on each of the team members, and then sends these out to the staff.

The staff members respond to the surveys and the information is then compiled by the management team and used to identify the strengths and areas for improvement of each of the staff members.

The benefits of using the online survey for the 360-degree reviews was its anonymity (they were more likely to get honest results), its discreteness (the staff members could do the survey at home where they felt more relaxed), and the ability to produce an easy-to-read report for the management team to follow.

As a result of these yearly reviews, the client discovered that they had a longer staff retention as well as job satisfaction in their team. 

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